The conversational platform build for hospitality

Boost revenue and stream guest services through messaging services  

Create amazing guest journeys


Booking engine automation and real-time chat over digital channels with reservation staff.

Pre Stay

Engage guests before their arrival offering check-in invitations, upselling services, and more…


Welcome guests with important notifications, hotel procedures, service hours and more…

In Stay

Communicate hotel services, special promotion events and assist guest with any need right from staff inbox.

Post Stay

Send guest surveys, loyalty rewards credits, welcome back discounts, and more…

Booking automation over guests prefered channel

Connect Hotel Booking Engine (CRS) through all messaging platforms for self-service booking bots that can work 24×7 for you.

Personalized Bots & Flows to better serve your guests

Launch specific Bots for different type of guest, from Booking assistance to Virtual Concierge.

Responde using automatic bots to FAQ like open hours, available services, and more.


Out of hours contacts


Self-served answered

Centralized Omnichannel Inbox

Improve message handling across all channels and teams, adding tools and features specially designed for the hospitality needs.

Track, Measure, and Optimize service levels

Our platform offers a wide range of metrics and insights to help you optimize your content, reach your audience, and increase your ROI.

Hi Laura, thanks for reaching our Room Service, we will send your order to your room 101

Hi Laura,
Your Check-out is set at tomorrow. Can we offer a shutter transfer to your desire destination?

Know you guests before replying

Identify each contact with relevant information such as room number, check-in and check-out dates, language, property, etc. and reply promptly.

Integrated with leading hospitaly software

Turbo-charge your inspiration and content with a wide variety of tools at your finger tips.
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The omnichannel messaging platform build for hospitality.

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